International Thermal Research has been designing and manufacturing liquid fuel space heaters for military applications for over twenty years. ITR is proud to be a long-term supplier of the Space Heater Small (SHS NSN# 4520-01-444-2375), Space Heater Arctic (SHA NSN# 4520-01-478-9207) and Barracks Heater (NSN# 4520-01-468-7112) to the military in USA and Canada.

ITR’s military heaters use a patented vaporizing S-Tube burner technology, with a built-in safety feature that contains heated fuel within the burner in event of a tip over. The S-Tube design combines high efficiency and reliability with clean combustion in a safe, low cost design.

ITR military space heaters were built with ease of use, safety, portability, efficiency and reliability in mind. ITR military space heaters require no electricity, and are lightweight, self-contained units that can be packed, moved, and deployed on short notice. They adhere to all military specifications and standards.

Each ITR Space Heater is designed for a unique purpose.

The Space Heater Small (SHS) is lightweight, self-contained, and portable, and offers an efficient 12,000 BTU maximum output.

The Space Heater Arctic (SHA) is also portable, and is capable of burning both solid fuels and liquid fuels. It is designed to operate under Arctic conditions, and has a maximum output of 28,000 BTU.

The Barracks Heater provides a maximum output of 60,000 BTU. It is self-contained and features a shutdown safety system in the event of tipping.

All ITR military space heaters have the ability to operate on DF1, DF2, DFA, JP5, JP8, JetA1, Diesel and Kerosene fuels. All ITR Space Heaters are designed to pack necessary accessories such as flue stacks, rain-caps, cleaning augers and primers into the body of the heater for easy storage and transport.

A low-cost alternative to powered heaters, the ITR line of military space heaters provide a sensible and economical portable heating solution, as evidenced by their long-standing demand and use by the U.S. and Canadian military. ITR military space heaters provide the design basis for ITR’s line of commercial space heaters – The PIONEER Line – which have application in mining camps, tent heating, and temporary structure heating.