HURRICANE heaters are specifically designed for the rigors of the marine environment. They are cased in rugged marine-grade stainless steel, and the same marine-grade stainless steel is used in their heat transfer fluid tanks. Unlike the OASIS RV and trailer heating systems, HURRICANE systems are designed for the exhaust to exit from the top, providing a variety of easy through-hull exhaust options.

There are five HURRICANE heating systems available. The HURRICANE SCH25 offers 25,000 True Output BTU and is designed for smaller craft. The HURRICANE 2 and HURRICANE 2L provide 35,000 and 50,000 True Output BTU respectively, and are designed for vessels up to 70 feet long. The HURRICANE COMBI and HURRICANE ZEPHYR are all-in-one heaters that allow for installation flexibility, and produce 42,000 True Output BTU and 33,000 True Output BTU respectively.

The HURRICANE H2, HURRICANE H2L, HURRICANE COMBI and HURRICANE ZEPHYR all feature a 1500 watt electric element that can generate 5,000 BTU of supplemental heat when shore power is available. The HURRICANE H2, HURRICANE H2L and HURRICANE COMBI offer five separate thermostatically controlled heating zones, while the HURRICANE ZEPHYR and HURRICANE SCH25 offer four separate heating zones, with the option to expand to an additional 4 zones. Engine waste heat management and engine preheat options are available on all models, and all models come with easy to install plug-and-play electrical connections. System operations, user information and heater diagnostics can be enhanced with the ITRTouch™ remote control interface, an intuitive and state-of-the-art touchscreen operating pad.

ITR’s HURRICANE diesel-fueled hydronic heaters use a proprietary low-pressure burner platform. This patented technology was originally created to meet United States Military requirements. Low-pressure burners are quiet and clean and are designed to improve safety and efficiency while also improving the lifetime of the burner and associated parts. All OASIS system burners are designed, manufactured and tested in-house. They are never manufactured by third parties.

HURRICANE heaters are rated at a True Output BTU. When choosing a hydronic heating system, it is important to know that not all BTU claims reflect the actual output of the burner. Simply adding the output capacity of heating fans to a burner’s BTU output is misleading. The BTU output generated by any hydronic system is limited to the True Output of the burner.