The OASIS CHINOOK is an all-in-one, dual loop space heating and on-demand hot water system. It is easy to install and requires no side access for service or maintenance.

The OASIS CHINOOK produces 50,000 True Output BTU, augmented by 2 x  1500 watt AC electric element that adds an additional 10,000 BTU to the system. The  coolant tank and burner tube in the OASIS CHINOOK is made from marine grade and high temperature stainless steel respectively.  It also features patented “never-run-dry” circulation pump protection, easy air-purging and coolant-fill operations, and a freeze protected tank design.

The OASIS CHINOOK can provide space heating to up to 5 different heating zones and continuous, on-demand 120°F hot water at a flow rate of 1.5 gallons per minute without interruption to space heating requirements. A separate  summer loop circulation pump and manifold isolates the coach circulation system from the boiler when only hot water is required. The OASIS CHINOOK also offers the option of the ITRTouch™ remote control interface, an intuitive means of operating and diagnosing the OASIS CHINOOK system.

The OASIS CHINOOK, like all OASIS products, is CSA/UL certified. The OASIS CHINOOK uses ITR’s proprietary “no-smell, no-smoke” burner platform, a quiet, clean-burning technology that improves safety and efficiency, while also lengthening system maintenance cycles.

Oasis Chinook brochure 

Diesel Burner TRUE OUTPUT
50,000 BTU
Auxiliary Electrical Heat
2 x 1500 watt element (10,000 BTU)
Burner Design
Proprietary ITR low pressure system
Continuous Water Temperature & Flow Rate
120 °F @ 1.5 GPM
Continuous Temperature Rise (ΔT) of Incoming Potable Water
60 °F
Interior Heat Available While Using Hot Water
Touch Screen Remote Interface
Coolant Tank Capacity
7 gallons
Fuel Consumption (continuous running)
0.46 gallons/hour
System Voltage
12 VDC
Amperage Draw Running (running)
6.5 Amps + 2.5 Amps for circ. pump
Amperage Draw (heat loop pumps)
5 Amps (2.5 Amps each)
Available Heating Zones
Heating Circulation Loops
Coolant / Water Connection
3/4" Barb/1/2" PEX
Exaust Outlet Connection
1.5” FPT
15” H x 16” W x 25” D
Weight (empty/full):
105 Ibs / 166 Ibs