The PROSPECTOR portable space heater is the largest space heater in ITR’s PIONEER line of on-powered, diesel-fired space heaters. The PROSPECTOR is based on ITR’s widely used military BARRACKS Heater, which has been used globally by the U.S. Army. The PROSPECTOR has an output of 25,000 BTU on low-heat setting, and 50,000 BTU on high-heat setting. The PROSPECTOR is gravity fed and does not require electricity or any other source of power.

The PROSPECTOR uses ITR’s patented vaporizing burner technology, designed to eliminate smoke and smell while by preventing fuel pooling. Like all PIONEER space heaters, the PROSPECTOR features automatic shut-off in the event of tilts or high temperatures, as well as an outer heat shield to prevent accidental contact with the heater.

The PROSPECTOR consumes roughly one U.S. gallon of fuel in 3 hours when operating on low-heat settings, or one U.S. gallon in 1.5 hours on high-heat settings. It can effectively heat 2,500 cubic feet of space.

The PROSPECTOR comes with a cleaning auger, primer rod and draft regulator. Exhaust stacks, rain caps, external fuel lines and other accessories are available in various configurations.

All PIONEER heaters, including the PROSPECTOR, are approved to CSA/UL standards.

Diesel Burner TRUE OUTPUT
25,000 BTU - 50,000 BTU
Burner Design
Proprietary ITR Burner
Floor Size Heating Ability
18 FT X 18 FT X 8 FT
Fuel Consumption
0.32 - 0.55 gallons/hour
Stack Outlet Connection
6” Outlet
18” W x 22” D x 36” H
61 lbs