The POLAR HD Hydronic Heater is a 12 Volt diesel-fired coolant heater designed to easily install on any type of heavy duty equipment and provide space heating, hot water, engine preheat, and fluid heating during operations, overnight shut-downs, or any other extreme cold weather conditions.

The POLAR HD offers a modular design that allows for flexibility in installation, and can be used in a variety of off-road, on-road, oil, gas, and mining equipment applications.

The POLAR HD uses ITR’s patented low pressure, smokeless and odorless diesel burner to deliver 55,000 True Output™ BTU, augmented by two 120 VAC 1500 Watt electric elements, providing a total of 65,000 True Output™ BTU. The POLAR HD also has a passivated stainless steel tank and heavy duty automotive grade components, to ensure reliability under demanding conditions.

The POLAR HD offers the ability to heat up to five separate thermostatically control heating zones, and an engine waste heat management system to increase efficiency in the system. The POLAR HD also incorporates plug-and-play wiring for easy installation.

Diesel Burner TRUE OUTPUT
55,000 BTU
Auxiliary Electrical Heat
2 x 1500 watt elements (10,000 BTU)
Burner Design
Proprietary ITR low pressure system
Continuous Water Temperature & Flow Rate
120 °F @ 1.5 GPM
Continuous Temperature Rise (ΔT) of Incoming Potable Water
65 °F
Interior Heat Available While Using Hot Water
Engine Waste Heat Management
Engine Preheat System
Touch Screen Remote Interface
Coolant Tank Capacity
8.5 gallons
Fuel Consumption (continuous running)
0.51 gallons/hour
System Voltage
12 VDC
Amperage Draw (running)
6.5 Amps
Amperage Draw (heat loop pumps)
5 Amps (2.5 A for each Loop)
Amperage Draw (engine pre-heat pump)
2.5 Amps
Available Heating Zones
Heating Circulation Loops
Coolant / Water Connections
1/2” MPT
Exaust Outlet Connection
1.5” FPT
14” H x 14” W x 30” D (CH50)
11” H x 14” W x 6.5” D (DM12)
Weight (empty/full):
81 lbs / 149 lbs (CH50)
29 lbs (DM12)