The Space Heater Small (SHS) is designed and manufactured by International Thermal Research for use in smaller tents such as the 5 Man Arctic or Soldier Crew Tent. It is part of the U.S. Army line of space heaters.

The patented ITR burner used in the SHS is a fail-safe, non-flooding, vaporizing burner controlled by an adjustable carburetor. Output is variable from 6,000 BTU on low-heat setting to 12,000 BTU on high-heat setting.

Safety features include the patented S-tube design, which prevents pooling of fuel in the burner, as well as an integrated drip pan, heat shield guard, locking stack bar, and overflow hose.

Unique features include a telescopic exhaust and the option of fueling the heater though a mounted one U.S. gallon fuel tank, or an external fuel source.

The SHS is designed for use with DF1, DF2, DFA, JP8, Jet A1, diesel and kerosene. The 6-foot telescopic stainless steel stack, rain cap, and stack guide rope store inside the footprint of the heater when not in use, allowing for easy packing and transportation.

The SHS is currently in production, and is in military use globally as a simple, reliable and efficient way to provide heat in extreme situations. The SHS is also the inspiration for ITR’s commercial variant, the TREKKER space heater.

Diesel Burner TRUE OUTPUT
6,000 BTU - 12,000 BTU
Burner Design
Proprietary ITR Burner
Floor Size Heating Ability
8 FT X 8 FT X 8 FT
Fuel Consumption
0.13 - 0.19 gallons/hour
Stack Outlet Connection
3” Outlet
11.5” W x 17.5” Dx 14” H
Weight (fully packed)
31 lbs