The ITR designed Space Heater Arctic (SHA) is a portable, multi-fueled, non-powered space heater intended to heat 5 and 10 man Arctic tents. The heater provides radiant heat and natural convective heated air without the use of electrical power.

Built to MIL-PRF-44494 military specifications, the SHA is primarily designed for use with DF1, DF2, DFA, JP5, JP8, Jet-A, or kerosene fuel. However, it can also burn wood, coal or other solid fuels, providing a valuable option in remote settings.

The SHA is rated for use to -65°F/C, and provides a maximum heat output of 28,000 BTU.

The SHA utilizes ITR’s patented vaporizing burning technology, designed to provide a safe and efficient diesel burner that will not allow fuel pooling.

A standard military five-gallon jerry can serves as an external fuel tank for the SHA. Fuel is routed to the heater using a military-designed gravity feed adapter, which is supplied with the heater.

The SHA is designed so that the fuel control valve, gravity feed adapter, fuel hose kit, exhaust stack, rain cap, solid fuel grate, and cleaning auger all fit inside the unit for convenience in transportation and storage.

The SHA is currently in production and in military use worldwide.

Diesel Burner TRUE OUTPUT
10,000 BTU - 28,000 BTU
Burner Design
Proprietary ITR Burner
Floor Size Heating Ability
12 FT X 12 FT X 8 FT
Fuel Consumption
0.16 - 0.29 gallons/hour
Stack Outlet Connection
5” Outlet
9” W x 17.5” D x 17” H
Weight (fully packed)
41 lbs