International Thermal Research can design a custom heating system for any hot water or space heating application. ITR’s hydronic systems are ideal for keeping engines warm and preventing damage to expensive components caused by extreme conditions, thereby eliminating costly downtime to sensitive machinery. ITR heaters are also perfect for off-grid applications, because they are powered by 12VDC, battery bank, kerosene, diesel or bio-diesel. ITR heaters can be found in the high altitudes of the Kashmir Mountains of India, research stations in Antarctica, or remote farms in the Philippines, providing heat and hot water in the most extreme situations. In many instances, ITR production products have been altered or adapted to suit unique or specialized applications.

Specific examples of applications in which ITR custom heating or special application systems have been used include:

Data Vans:  Operating in extremely cold and rugged terrain, data vans require heat to keep expensive, high-tech electronics operational. ITR was called upon to design a specialized heating system so a fleet of data vans stayed within operating temperatures under extreme conditions, thereby avoiding costly downtime and protecting valuable equipment.

Volumetric Cement Mixing Trucks: Hot water is required to ensure high quality cement mixes. ITR engineers were able to find a means of heating large insulated water storage tanks on cement trucks to provide the required temperature for mixing concrete. Mixing trucks were able to work longer into the cold season while still ensuring product quality.

Medical Mobile Trailers and Mobile Shower Facilities: ITR engineering tackled mobile heating issues to ensure unique water flow rates and heating loop requirements were met to provide hot water for diverse applications such as decontamination showers, while at the same time meeting the needs of patients and medical staff using mobile trailers as living quarters.

Mobile Disaster Relief: ITR heaters have been adapted for use in mobile disaster relief applications, bringing quick and reliable heat and hot water to areas that have undergone infrastructure damage and power loss.

All ITR products are designed, manufactured and tested in-house in British Columbia, Canada.