The OASIS ZEPHYR packs 33,000 True Output BTU into one of the smallest footprints available in the RV heating market. It requires less than two square feet of space, and is only 10 inches high. The OASIS ZEPHYR draws combustion air from outside the coach, so it can be mounted conveniently within a coach’s living area. It is the perfect choice for smaller C-Class and Sprinter chassis RVs.

The OASIS ZEPHYR features a 120VAC 1500 watt electric element that can bump output to 38,000 True Output BTU, and can provide heat for up to 4 zones in a single-loop configuration. The OASIS ZEPHYR uses an engine waste heat management feature to provide heat and hot water without using the diesel burner, and has an optional engine pre-heat pump to avoid cold starts.

The OASIS ZEPHYR also offers the option of the ITRTouch™ remote control interface, a state-of-the-art touchscreen remote that allows intuitive operation and diagnosis of the system.

The OASIS ZEPHYR is CSA/UL certified. The OASIS ZEPHYR uses ITR’s patented “no-smell, no-smoke” burner platform. This proven technology is quiet, and clean-burning, and improves safety and efficiency, while also lengthening system maintenance cycles.

Diesel Burner TRUE OUTPUT
33,000 BTU
Auxiliary Electrical Heat
1 x 1500 watt element (5,000 BTU)
Burner Design
Proprietary ITR low pressure system
Continuous Water Temperature & Flow Rate
120 °F @ 1.0 GPM
Continuous Temperature Rise (ΔT) of Incoming Potable Water
60 °F
Interior Heat Available While Using Hot Water
Engine Waste Heat Management
Engine Preheat System
Touch Screen Remote Interface
Coolant Tank Capacity
2.5 gallons
Fuel Consumption (continuous running)
0.28 gallons/hour
System Voltage
12 VDC
Amperage Draw (running)
6.5 Amps
Available Heating Zones
Heating Circulation Loops
Coolant / Water Connections
1/2” MPT & 1/2” FPT
Exaust Outlet Connection
1.5” Pipe
10” H x 14” W x 19” D
Weight (empty/full):
48 lbs / 75 lbs