The BARRACKS Heater is a 25,000 BTU to 60,000 BTU space heater that is designed to provide heat for the General Purpose Tent and Temper Tent. The BARRACKS Heater operates without the use of electrical power and can burn all types of liquid fuel, including DF-2, DF-1, DFA, JP-5, JP-8, Jet A1, diesel and kerosene.

The BARRACKS Heater utilizes patented fail-safe, non-flooding, fuel-vaporizing S-tube burner technology, designed to improve combustion efficiency, eliminate smoke, and prevent fuel pooling. Safety features include automatic fuel shut-off in the event of tilting or high temperatures, as well as a drip pan and rear heat shield.

The BARRACKS Heater comes with a 6” nesting flue stack, 6” exhaust elbow, primer cup, rain cap, stack guide lines, and cleaning auger, all of which can be stored in the unit, allowing for ease of transport and efficiency in storage.

The BARRACKS heater currently in production as a powerful, simple, rugged, low cost heating option used by military worldwide. It is the inspiration for the PROSPECTOR heater from ITR’s PIONEER commercial line of heaters.

Diesel Burner TRUE OUTPUT
25,000 BTU - 60,000 BTU
Burner Design
Proprietary ITR Burner
Floor Size Heating Ability
20 FT X 20 FT X 8 FT
Fuel Consumption
0.36 - 0.79 gallons/hour
Stack Outlet Connection
6” Outlet
19” W x 22.5” D x 35” H
Weight (fully packed)
88 lbs