International Thermal Research (ITR) was founded in 1984 to provide world-class research and development in the field of diesel-fired burner systems. Since then, ITR has obtained over 40 patents in the field. ITR’s products include the OASIS Hydronic Heating System for the RV market; the HURRICANE Hydronic Heating System for the marine market; the PIONEER line of portable non-powered heaters for mining camps, tents and temporary structures; the SPACE HEATER SMALL, the SPACE HEATER ARCTIC, the BARRACKS HEATER, and the MODERN BURNER UNIT, which are all mainstays of the U.S. Army and are used worldwide. International Thermal Research has also been active in designing custom heating systems for use in diverse applications such as mobile hospitals, off-the-grid structures, cleaning applications, and extreme weather transportation.


ITR products are designed, tested and manufactured in-house in Richmond, British Columbia, with a US distribution, service and marketing base in Vancouver, Washington, and with over 250 supporting distributors, dealerships and service centers throughout North America and the United Kingdom.


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