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Do you have an older Safari or Beaver Coach ?

 Ask about special pricing on our  new Hurricane CO45DRF with updated components and new control board. Comes with a 1 year or 1000 hour warranty.


Add two months of yachting comfort

Hurricane Heater Features:

  • Patented no smoke, no smell diesel burner
  • Manufactured and designed for the harsh marine environment
  • Stainless steel burner, water jacket and case
  • Modular Design for easy maintenance and service
  • 3 models of boilers 25K, 35K, and 50K true BTU output for boats up to 60 feet
  • Hurricane II Combi Model with 40K BTU output for space and domestic water heating in one box
  • 120/240 VAC 1500W electrical element for supplemental heat
  • Multiple space heating zone controls
  • Advanced electronics for safe and reliable operation
  • Efficient, quiet and economical to operate

Hurricane Hydronic Heating System Promotional Video from Year 2000