Space Heating and Domestic Hot Water Applications


ITR can custom design and engineer a system for your space heating and hot water requirements. Unique systems have been designed to meet a variety of applications.


Large volume water heating and freeze prevention, vibration protection Volumetric Cement Truck – Anderson and Wood Construction

Space Heating and Engine Preheat in extreme cold temperatures Hydraulic fracturing truck command centers – Baker Hughes

Triple system integration for high flow multiple shower mobile emergency decontamination trailer – Gerling and Associates

Cold weather space heating and Domestic hot water Mobile medical/dental facility – Lifeline Shelter Systems

High altitude, extreme cold weather burner- Semi permanent military housing burner – Modern Prefab Systems, India

High Domestic hot water usage, remote cold weather application Oil field mobile housing facility – Forest River

Portable off GRID Space and water heating All terrain living quarters – The BARK Portable structure