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Lighting the Trekker and Expedition Heaters:

Do not use any unauthorized fuels or mix different fuels. only clean uncontaminated Diesel #1, #2 Fuel is to be used. Using any other fuels could cause a fire and/or explosion.

  • Check for any leaks in the fuel system. Locate and repair any leaks and/or clean any spills before igniting the heater.
  • Check the exhaust flue stack for any blockage or anything that might obstruct the exhaust gases. The flue stack must be vented outdoors. Do not let any exhaust gas flow into any living or operating areas.
  • Check the exhaust flue stack and the attachment point to the heater for any leaks. Correct any problems before igniting the heater.
  • Check the airway around the base of the heater to ensure that the heater receives a clear, unobstructed supply of combustion air.
  • Open the fuel shut-off valve from the fuel tank.
  • Lift up on Toby Valve Actuating Lever to let fuel run into the float bowl of the valve.
  • Open the glass lid on top of the heater.
  • Suck the fuel into the primer bulb by squeezing the rubber bulb and then placing the steel tube into a cup with fuel. When the rubber bulb is released it will suck fuel into the dispenser. The fuel should then be directed toward the heater burner base by inserting the steel tube through the top lid and squeezing the rubber bulb to expel the fuel. Maximum 1 squeeze with the bulb is enough to start-up the heater.
  • When the burner is being lit, it is usually desirable to use a match and a small piece of tissue paper for lighting. Place the Tissue paper in the lid opening. Light the paper and use the auger to drop the tissue down into the base of the burner.
  • Securely replace the top lid.
  • Place the control knob on the Toby control valve to the first raised “I” mark setting (LOW) next to the “O” mark.
  • Wait ten to fifteen minutes for flames to settle down and turn blue before turning the control knob on the Toby control valve counter clockwise to your desired setting.
  • If the flame dies out, wait for the heater to cool down to room temperature before repeating the starting procedures.

Do not attempt to start or re-ignite the burner when the burner is hot.
Do not leave a heater running unattended. ITR accepts no responsibility for any damages caused by leaving the heater running unattended.