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A.)  Regular Maintenance

To ensure that your Pioneer Space Heaters operate properly;

  • every 750 hours of operation or;
  • if the output of the heater appears to be have decreased from the same valve setting or;
  • Check that the Control Knob on the Toby Valve is not set to “0” or OFF position.
  • if the exhaust exhibits smoke

Perform the following maintenance:

  • In normal operation, carbon and soot will accumulate in the area of the burner base, heater up tube or underneath the high fire ring. These deposits must be periodically removed.
  • Working on a cold burner, ensure that the fuel control valve on the heater and the fuel supply to the heater has been turned off. Remove the burner lid and see if there is any soot around or on the perforated burner shell or high fire ring. If so, brush off and vacuum clean.
  • Loosen and remove any carbon build up in the center up-tube itself. Remove the bottom heat shield. Locate the clean-out plug at the bottom of the burner shell assembly. Place a small catch pan below the opening of the threaded plug. Use a wrench and remove the threaded plug from the bottom of the assembly. Any quantity of fuel still present in the fuel line will drain into the catch pan. Carefully insert the metal cleaning auger into the up-tube and loosen any hard carbon deposits within the tube by using an up/down twisting motion of the auger. This will loosen any deposits and allow them to fall through the opening of the threaded plug. Do not use a side to side motion or excessive force or you will distort, bend, or break the welded up-tube. Continue until the tube is clear of any accumulated deposits. Replace the clean-out plug into the bottom of the burner shell assembly and re-tighten. A pipe sealant or other appropriate sealing compound should be applied to the threads. Check this threaded plug fitting for any leaks when the heater fuel flow is again re-started. Re-tighten if necessary.

Additional regular maintenance items include:

  • Check for any leaks in the fuel system, cracked hoses or suspect areas where a leak might occur and correct.
  • Check the flue stack for any damage or areas that might allow flue gases to leak into your heating area and correct.
  • Check the flue stack for any blockages and/or soot and remove and correct
  • Check for fuel strainer blockage and replace if necessary
  • The Toby valve requires no maintenance and has no user adjustable parts

B.) Storing the Heater

On storing the heater for an extended period:

  • Perform the previous maintenance steps
  • Clean the heater with a rag and spray or wipe with a light mist of oil inside the burner area and outside to prevent rusting.
  • Drain all fuel lines and any fuel from the heater

ATTENTION: Regular maintenance is required for the Pioneer heaters to perform as designed. Failure to maintain the heater as required will not only void your warranty but can cause the heater to be dangerous to operate.