Follow the recommended exhaust installation instructions in the manual. Install the included draft regulator that comes with your heater. The draft regulator is necessary in order to maintain stable draft in certain conditions. Read the installation and adjusting instructions which are packed in the carton of the draft control before installing The instructions are also included in the pdf links below:

Draft Reg RC.pdf

Draft Reg B34.pdf

Below are pictures showing how the draft regulator can be installed into the straight exhaust pipe. The 4 inch draft regulator can be used with both the 3, and 4 inch stacks.

The draft regulator should be installed a minimum of 18” (45cm) from the heater’s exhaust outlet inside the structure that is being heated.

Also for best results the draft regulator should be perpendicular to the heater or facing away from the heater.

The recommended draft for the Trekker is between .030-.045 inches water column. This is measured 18” (45cm) up the stack and before the draft regulator. The minimum flue stack height is 6 ft (1,8m). The recommended draft for the Expedition and Prospector is between .040 to .060 inches water column. The minimum flue stack height of both is 9 to12 feet