Advantages of Hydronic Heating versus Forced Air

  • Continuous supply of domestic hot water
  • Can use engine waste heat in the system while traveling, saving energy and money
  • Can pre-heat the engine in the winter
  • Direct venting through the side of the coach is no longer needed adding to the esthetic beauty of the coach
  • Even and quiet source of heat
  • Separate thermostatically controlled space heating zones
  • Hydronic heating does not cause large temperature swings and the removal of moisture out of the air which can dry out the skin and nasal passages
  • Air temperature is not lost through ducting but maintained with the use of coolant
  • Electric 120 VAC supplemental heat is available saving fuel costs when on shore power
  • Hydronic heating systems can heat the storage bays and thereby indirectly keeping the water tanks heated
  • The motorhome retains more of its original value – Higher return when you sell or trade

Advantages of Diesel versus Propane

  • Diesel from the engine fuel tank allows you to run the heat for MANY more hours than a typical on-board supply of propane
  • Ease of refueling, (100 – 200 gallons of diesel, compared to 30-40 of propane in existing tanks)
  • Propane is then used only for the refrigerator and cooking and lasts a LONG time.
  • LP gas leaks can create dangerous situations
  • Diesel heating is less expensive than propane on a per BTU basis. Diesel fuel offers nearly 140,000 BTU per gallon, compared to 91,000 BTU for propane.