• Patented no smoke, no smell diesel burner
• Modular design for easier installation and access
• Two 1500W electric elements for supplemental heating
• Continuous on demand hot water
• Automatic winter/summer control
• Optional engine heat/waste heat interface
• Domestic water temperature control

The Oasis® system represents a new and innovative approach to high-line coach heating that reflects the demanding nature of modern coaches and coach owners. As coaches have become richer in features and comforts, lack of available space has become an issue. The Oasis system has been designed as a modular system that allows the primary components to have a minimum impact on valuable storage. In terms of performance, the Oasis system has been tested head-to-head with the best systems on the market and has been proven superior in all areas.

ITR’s proprietary burner technology provides clean, safe, reliable no smoke-no smell performance. The system has been designed to minimize exterior and interior noise and our burner design allows the use of a muffler to minimize exhaust sounds. The Oasis system provides 50,000 BTU/h of diesel powered heat, supplemented by two 120VAC electric elements that provide another 10,500 BTU/h, enough heat for the largest coach on the coldest day. The Oasis domestic hot water performance is unmatched. Simply put, the Oasis makes more hot water than you can use and because of the innovative design, even makes hot water without the burner coming on.

Other features included in the Oasis system are individually controlled heating zones, engine-sourced heating when on the road and engine preheat for easy starts on cold mornings. All of these features are provided by a marine-quality product featuring Stainless Steel components, easy service access and long service life. Our experience in the RV marketplace has resulted in a heating system unmatched in quality and performance.