The MBU utilizes an automatic, closed circuit fueling system, which avoids spill hazards and eliminates the need to remove the burner for refueling. Employing an electronic ignition, the MBU is ignited in place, saving time by eliminating the pre-heat period required with the M2 and reducing the hazards associated with lighting and carrying lit burners. It also reduces the logistical burden and safety hazards of the M2 by burning less volatile JP-8 fuel instead of gasoline. The use of electronically controlled combustion also decreases the production of hazardous emissions by maintaining the correct fuel/air ratio.
To eliminate the risk of electrical shock during use and maintenance, and allow direct use of vehicle power, less than 90 Watts of 28 Volt DC power is used. Generator compatibility is achieved by providing power converters as required in each kitchen application.

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